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Tue Mar 3 19:12:59 EST 1998

On Tue, 3 Mar 1998, Dan Nordquist wrote:

I can't offer any input into the first question, but maybe to the second.
> b) Is anyone else concerned about the multi-project model for v3?  d.net has
> been unstoppable, in the past, because everyone interested in the idea has
> been unified in the direction of a solution of one problem.  If everyone is
> able to pick a different project, then won't the power of d.net be
> splintered into a whole bunch of weaker factions?  Worse yet, if people can
> set up their clients to do 33% Golomb, 33% RC5, and 33% SETI, then the
> projects become even more splintered, and each one takes longer to complete.
> We'll be working just as hard, but getting to each goal more slowly... or
> slower than we would be if we tackled one project first, another project
> next, then another...

I was also concerned about this, it would seem that the more we are
working on the slower things would happen, for sure... But if we are
working on something _other_ then encryption, then we stand to have a
greater audience. How many people would LIKE to run our clients, but due
to various reasons (corporate types) weren't allowed? Also, what better
way to get a larger base then to increase our market? We stand to gain
thousands of astronomy hobbiests with the golomb work, not to mention the
possibilty of people in the field, the computers thier friends use, etc...
Moreso then gaining more duties, I think we really stand to gain a larger
workforce overall.  

On a related note, is d.net interested in possibly running stories in
related periodicals? There are a lot of magazines out there for computer
users that might be willing to print some information about us if they
were approached.

- Josh
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