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Gandalf Greyhame Gandalf at adelphia.net
Tue Mar 3 20:49:08 EST 1998

At 05:14 PM 3/3/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Bojan Baros wrote:
>>         BTW, I don't know if it is clear to you, it is still X86 chip,
>> running Windows...
><sigh> Not true. Everyone on this list knows about all the great non-M$ OS's
>out there. Choose one of them, especially if you're doing SMP, because
>non-NT Windoze doesn't support it. People need to realize x86 != Windoze.
<rant on>
WindowsNT 4.0 is actually quite a decent product (just don't try to run DOS
games under it =)  ) 

I've had the best luck with FreeBSD ( more stable than NT, et cetera ) for
Free Unixes. 

The problem is that there is just so darn many applications being shoved in
our face for Intel-Windows... and the fact that most people, even some of
the ones participating in D.Net, think that the only two OS's out there are
Windows95 (and they're getting all hyped up about Windoze98 - it's junk,
really) and then MacOS. 
<rant off>

Oh, I'm a little confused as to what "x86 !=Windoze" means.... 


<Funny little M$ 'facts' on>
[FreeBSD does RC5 blocks faster than NT] [FreeBSD is a better OS than NT.
It's Free. WindowsNT is $809]  [Windows95/98 , being shoved in everybody's
faces along with Pentium ]['s perform worse than NT because of the way
they're written (not true 32-Bit Code] [Windows98 / 95OSR2's File System is
incompatible with NT, and vice versa] [**640K is enough for Anybody!**]
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