SMP'ing non-Intel x86 CPU's, was Re: [RC5] First impressions

Colin L. Hildinger colin at
Tue Mar 3 19:40:15 EST 1998

Yep, there was discussion about mobo chipsets that would allow it using
OpenPIC instead of APIC (sorry if I got those wrong), but basically AMD
and Cyrix are selling as many processors as they can make right now, so
why should they worry about a market that they don't need?

BTW, since Cyrix is moving production to their new parent Nat'l Semi,
IBM will be making AMD chips starting in <6 months...

On Tue, 03 Mar 1998 19:16:39 -0500, Martin wrote:

>You can not SMP AMD or Cyrix processors. Believe me, if it could be done -
>there would be a lot more people doing it.

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