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Greg Wooledge wooledge at kellnet.com
Tue Mar 3 21:09:25 EST 1998

Dan Nordquist (dan at nordquist.com) wrote:

> b) Is anyone else concerned about the multi-project model for v3?  d.net has
> been unstoppable, in the past, because everyone interested in the idea has
> been unified in the direction of a solution of one problem.  If everyone is
> able to pick a different project, then won't the power of d.net be
> splintered into a whole bunch of weaker factions?  Worse yet, if people can
> set up their clients to do 33% Golomb, 33% RC5, and 33% SETI, then the
> projects become even more splintered, and each one takes longer to complete.

I think this will cause, at worst, only a short-term setback.  In the
long term I think it will only be good for d.net, for two reasons:

 * New projects will attract people who would not be interested in

 * The "open source" model of v3 clients and cores means that people who
   would/could not run the v2 clients for security reasons will now be
   able to join.

If only 30% of d.net is working on RC5-64, but we have 4 times as many
participants, we'll actually come out ahead -- and so will the OGR,
SETI, Mersenne and other worthy projects which otherwise would not have
received the benefit of our computing time.

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