[RC5] d.net's competitors? (was Re: First impressions)

Jieyao eng40705 at leonis.nus.edu.sg
Wed Mar 4 10:06:57 EST 1998

On Tue, 3 Mar 1998, rc5-digest wrote:

> Assume that someone had the time, resources, and desire to put together a
> competing RSA team.  If this team were to subscribe to the "competitive
> advantage" theory and keep their cracking technique and/or block numbers
> secret, would any of *us* jump ship?  Not me!

I would jump if the other group offer better communication, better
dissemination of information. Even if they promise that in their very
beginning, I would jump over and give them a chance as I had given d.net
chance for so long.
> Any competing effort would have to offer some substantial incentive to lure
> away even a small percentage of our current or potential participants, and
> those incentives really don't exist -- the chances of finding *the* key in
> an RSA contest are too small to be a motivator in themselves, and there's
> no way to spread the wealth among a large number of participants without
> making the amounts trivial (gee, a check for US$.02 that cost US$.32 to send)..

The biggest incentive is a group that make every participant feel part of
the effort no matter how small the contribution. To me, the fast client,
the most technically advanced don't mean much than a sense of belonging.
As it is now, I'm here because I want to fill up my cpu cycles and there i
no better group around.

BTW, one good group is PrimeNet
<http://entropia.com/primenet/primenet.html>, the coordinator is very
responsive.  The only draw back is the project is very slow on older pc. 

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