[RC5] Golomb stuff (fractional tick marks)

Ben Byer root at bushing.plastic.crosslink.net
Tue Mar 3 21:47:29 EST 1998

Dan Nordquist wrote:
> a) What makes anyone think that radio dishes should be spaced out in integer
> intervals?  That seems very odd.  You want a VLA with all inter-dish
> intervals different, wouldn't you want to use all real numbers?  Some sort
> of Fibonnacci sequence, at least?

Not neccessarily.  I don't know the best way to express this...  if you
had a golomb ruler with ticks at (0,0.1,0.3), that is exactly the same
as a ruler (0,1,3) scaled down by a factor of ten.  Since the scale of
the ruler does not matter (the measurements are unitless), these rulers
are equivalent. 

I hope that's clear enough. :)

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