[RC5] Server Interface (request)

Richard Marsden rmarsden at digicon-egr.co.uk
Wed Mar 4 11:12:07 EST 1998

>     If these people regularly dial-up for e-Mail, can they not run the
>     clients in lurk-only mode?
>            -- Eric Gindrup ! gindrup at Okway.okstate.edu
I ran a recruitment campaign on CIX Conferencing. This is a conferencing
system, with limited Internet access (eg. email, telnet, UseNET, ftp
through their servers), but NO IP access. This is because CIX dates back
into the mid-80s.

CIX launched an IP service about 3 yrs ago, but this is independent. At the
moment, all my CIX team members (most of the team) are people with both
accounts, but many don't check their IP accounts very regularly - I know I
don't! [but I use work's permanent connection for my clients]

Ie. they have to dial up an IP connection specially, every few days (yes,
they're using -lurkonly). Most don't mind this per se, but some do find the
connection too slow (like 20mins+ to swap buffers).

All check their CIX Conferencing on a regular basis - probably daily in
most cases, so a simple email interface would be fine. Sure the OLR
connection will be a minute or two longer, as the 100K+ buffer is uploaded,
but this is an improvement.

I'm also guess that about half the CIX Conferencing subscribers, don't have
an IP connection. If we had the ability to support them, then I might be
able to recruit them. Of course, these guys aren't as hacker/technical
minded, so they probably won't be as interested. ie. Whether I can recuit
many from this sector is hypothetical.

Anyone have any clues on these "20min+" connection times? I don't see them,
but I use a permanent fast connection at work. A lot of my other team
members don't see them either, but some do!


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