[RC5] First impressions

Mike Learn learnm at nationwide.com
Wed Mar 4 10:04:30 EST 1998

Bruce Ford wrote:

> > I came upon an interesting thought today.  I agree that the order in which  the
> > blocks are handed out should not matter.  However, it could be information that
> > could be used to a competitor's advantage.
> >
> > Were I to embark upon my own key space brute force search for DESII, I would have
> > started at the top and gone down.  This would allow me to crunch more untouched
> > blocks.  If d.net were handing out blocks randomly, however, I would have a larger
> > chance of testing blocks that had already been checked and rejected.
> > [...]

> So if you see DCTI starting at the bottom on DES II-2 start at the
>  top.  With alot of luck you will find the key before we do.

I've thought about it.  My chances of winning would be pretty poor, however the learning
experience of writing the software would be very rewarding.  Perhaps I'll write the
code, wait until the key is found, and then feed it to my code just to see if it _would
have_ worked.. ;0)

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