[RC5] What are the stats doing?

John Campbell jcampbel at lynn.ci-n.com
Wed Mar 4 11:10:28 EST 1998

Okay, so I've been checking the stats server periodically to try to get some
idea of how long it's going to take for the stats to come back online.  I
checked them yesterday afternoon and they said they were processing January
23rd. That night I got mail from a friend in which he mentioned that they
were processing January 28th. Well, I went back and checked it again, and
the server said it was doing January 24th. So I thought, "Well, it's small
text. Maybe he mistook a 23 for a 28." But then this morning I checked and
it was doing the 23rd.

So my questions: 
What sort of processing of the stats is it doing that would cause it to hop
around like that?
Is the date it says it's processing completely useless as an indicator of
how soon it'll be done?

John Campbell
jcampbel at lynn.ci-n.com

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