[RC5] What are the stats doing?

David McNett nugget at slacker.com
Wed Mar 4 10:47:54 EST 1998

On 04-Mar-1998, John Campbell wrote:
> So my questions: 
> What sort of processing of the stats is it doing that would cause it to hop
> around like that?
> and
> Is the date it says it's processing completely useless as an indicator of
> how soon it'll be done?

Most of the time, the processing you see being done by the stats box
is completely unmonitored.  In other words, I tend to find myself with
a handful of other things to do all day long apart from sit and hold
the stats server's hand as it chews through the volumes of logfile.

Whenever the processing encounters a problem (corrupt logfile, block
count that fails the automatic audits, etc...) that day is shelved
and processing resumes with the next day's logfile.  This is to prevent
the box from pausing its processing awaiting human intervention.  
On both the 23-Jan and 24-Jan runs, I've had to re-submit those logs
to correct problems with some corrupt logfiles and as such, those two 
days were run twice (and out of sequence the second time through).

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