[RC5] What are the stats doing?

Matt Steinhoff matt at audiosports.net
Wed Mar 4 12:15:32 EST 1998

> From: David McNett <nugget at slacker.com>
> I tend to find myself with a handful of other things to do all
> day long apart from sit and hold the stats server's hand as it
> chews through the volumes of logfile.

    How dare you have a life outside Distributed!
    What's your best guess as to when the stats will be up to date?
    Many moons ago, I heard that it takes two to three hours per
day to update the stats. The stats update page is indicating that
January 26 is being processed. Taking a long walk on a short limb,
does that mean that it'll take another four or five days to get the
logs up to date ((5+28+3 days) * 3 hours / 24 hours a day)?


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