[RC5] Mac Client Speeds

C. Smith csmith at nikondev.com
Wed Mar 4 13:55:49 EST 1998

Oh boy - here we go...

Now that DES is over, I went back to plugging away at RC5 and I recalled 
that I still had several blocks in buffins from the old RC5 client, so I 
went and ran my old client (v2.002) to polish off those blocks and it
seemed to be faster (roughly 10% faster) than the dual client (392)
that I was running for DES. (I also like the pretty charts it draws.)

Is this speed difference an illusion? Has anyone else noticed this?
Cause even if the difference is close I like the pretty charts (and the
fact that I don't need to stop to change settings). Can anyone forsee
any problems with using the old client? 


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