[RC5] Mac Client Speeds

Ryan Schmidt berrytech at bigfoot.com
Wed Mar 4 16:50:23 EST 1998

>Now that DES is over, I went back to plugging away at RC5 and I recalled 
>that I still had several blocks in buffins from the old RC5 client, so I 
>went and ran my old client (v2.002) to polish off those blocks and it
>seemed to be faster (roughly 10% faster) than the dual client (392)
>that I was running for DES. (I also like the pretty charts it draws.)
>Is this speed difference an illusion? Has anyone else noticed this?
>Cause even if the difference is close I like the pretty charts (and the
>fact that I don't need to stop to change settings). Can anyone forsee
>any problems with using the old client?

Andrew Meggs' 2.002 client is just a smidge faster than the RC5/DES command
line client. Meggs has inserted the RC5 core from the RC5/DES app into his
graphical (chart-generating) client, now at version 2.004. It's available from
his web directory:


The advantage to this "slower" client over the old one is that it can be set
to be very "nice" while the user is working at his machine, but as soon as
they stop typing (or a minute after they stop), the keyrate jumps up, even
with the client still in the background. Of course, you can still tell the
client to jump to the front after, say, 10 minutes. But Andrew says the
improved speed in the background makes up for any lost speed while it's in the
foreground. Your mileage may vary. If you keep a computer up 24/7 just running
the client, you'll get a better rate running the 2.002 version. And me, I
still run the command-line version because it can write to checkpoint files so
my poor Quadra doesn't lose hours of work when I crash.

The only problems with using the Meggs client as opposed to the command-line
one: do not interchange their buffer files, which are in different formats.

All this has been discussed at some length on the RC5-Mac list, to which you
should subscribe. It's a very low-traffic list, compared with this one. See
also my RC5-Mac FAQ, which also gives information about how to subscribe to
the RC5-Mac list, and has links to the latest clients:


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