[RC5] Golomb stuff/Void souls

Ryan Anderson ryan at michonline.com
Thu Mar 5 00:27:37 EST 1998

On Wed, 4 Mar 1998, Lorenzo Gonzalez wrote:

> > "With this word of power, I cast thy soul into the void: void(soul)"
> Ryan, I'm far too dumb to understand this ruler discussion, but I do know
> that if you want to cast object soul to type void, at least in C/C++, you've
> got the parentheses reversed...  Now, if void is a function to which you are
> passing soul, you've got it right, but it's not nearly as punny... Or you
> could say "I _pass_ thy soul..." instead of "cast thy soul"...

I believe C++ has switched the type-casting syntax to this.  Joe Z claims
that this isn't quite semantically correct (i.e, it's not quite the same
semantcis), but I don't have any evidence in either direction.  I seem to
remember hearing that this *was* the new syntax....  Anyone who truly
knows, please respond and settle the question...

> Mind if I steal your sig?  (With corrections, of course)

It's not mine to object about.. (I stole it from someone myself.. :-) )

> :-)
> Lorenzo Gonzalez
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"With this word of power, I cast thy soul into the void: void(soul)"

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