[RC5] [ADMIN] State of distributed.net Address - March 5th, 1998

Adam L. Beberg beberg at distributed.net
Thu Mar 5 03:37:55 EST 1998

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*** Current Status ***

Just in case you've been in a cave, we found the DES-II key :)
Our official Press Release is at

I'd like to apologize to everyone for the handling of the
announcements of our victory. RSA asked us to delay telling anyone
until they had a chance to work on their press releases, and d.net
and RSA would then release all the news at once. However on Feb 24
someone at RSA put an announcement on their web site. The admin at
RSA did not intend this, but it was unfortunate that this happened
again. This ment that many users ( mostly on IRC ) heard about the
news not from us, but from a web page. This made us look quite bad
as well as feeling bad that you didn't hear it from us. This won't
be happening again.

RC5-64 has resumed, and stats processing for the last 40 days
are progressing well. Full stats should be back in a few more days.
Please check on your clients, if they haven't switched back to RC5
on their own, then set the DES buffers to 0:0

Any teams created during DES-II will still exist for RC5-64.

A reminder that http://rc5.distributed.net/ will soon be eliminated,
the correct URL is http://www.distributed.net/rc5/ - please make
any changes you need to on your web pages.

*** Volunteer Opportunities ***

Regional Representatives
Regional Support now available!
The call for regional support volunteers certainly did not go
unanswered! We now have 29 people serving 29 countries, with many
volunteers serving multiple countries. So, if you prefer to get
help in your native tongue, take a look at
I also want to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone that volunteered,
the response was wonderful!
To become a regional representative (or find one), follow the
directions on http://www.distributed.net/regional.html

Lawyers - help drafting Copyright text and our Corporate paperwork,
and general legal advice. We can never have too many lawyers on our
side with certain monopolies around ;)
Contact Duncan directly (beberg at distributed.net).

*** Coming Soon ***

Design contest - Stay closely tuned, barring unforeseen events, the
design contest will be starting this weekend, to run for 3 weeks.
Rules will be posted to the web site.

  Adam L. Beberg
  beberg at distributed.net
  distributed.net founder

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