[RC5] Disappearing blocks...

Charles Petras cpetras at stratos.net
Wed Mar 4 22:02:24 EST 1998

Re. WIN 32 GUI Client v. 2.7013.396

Recently I've experienced some bad weather which caused power fluctuations
(ie, interrupted for a few minutes, up for a few minutes, etc.). Hence the
system was up and down a few times.

Later when I had the opportunity to see how things were running, I noticed
that 5 RC5 blocks had disappeared.  Typically I retrive 10 at a time, but
only 5 were in evidence.

So, I suppose my question in regard to this feature is, is this a desirable
state of affairs?  Shouldn't there be a check to make sure that any given
block has been processed into the out-buffer before it's deleted from the
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