[RC5] Hard drive rest

David A. Cafaro dac at cise.ufl.edu
Thu Mar 5 11:17:57 EST 1998

	Just wanted to mention something I had noticed concerning the WIN32 GUI
client.  I finally got the noexitfilecheck=1 working (thank you for the
responses I missed it in the FAQ).  This solved alot of the harddrive
activity.  BUT I noticed that the activity starts up again.  It looks like
that after the gui's screen buffer goes past the 64k it starts accessing
the hard drive.  Exiting and restarting the client get's rid of this at
least for another 64k.  Anyone know of a cure for this one?  I looked
carefully thorugh the FAQ this time.  I don't want to run it in the
nodiskbuffers=1 mode.  I just want to calm down the hard accesses when the
screen buffer fills.  Thanks

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