[RC5] Disappearing blocks...

David McNett nugget at slacker.com
Thu Mar 5 10:30:10 EST 1998

On 04-Mar-1998, Charles Petras wrote:
> So, I suppose my question in regard to this feature is, is this a desirable
> state of affairs?  Shouldn't there be a check to make sure that any given
> block has been processed into the out-buffer before it's deleted from the
> in-buffer?

Which is the more dangerous scenario:

o checked blocks are lost due to power/machine failure and are never
  submitted to the keyservers as 'tested'.  As a result, these blocks
  are ultimately re-assigned and the work is duplicated.

o The block containing the solution is placed in the out buffer as soon
  as the client removes it from the in buffer.  Due to power/machine
  failure, this block is accidently submitted to the keyservers as having
  been tested when in reality is was not.  As a result, we will reach
  100% keyspace searched without having ever received a success report
  on the winning block.  This block is marked as tested and is 
  indistinguishable for all other tested blocks.

Client operation should *always* be structured with the integrity of the
project having priority over the individual's ranking in the statistics.
Even if the odds are one in a million of a particular error occuring,
then we can reasonably expect the error to occur almost 70,000 times
over the course of RC5-64.  :)

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