[RC5] DES-II Stats Page

Marc Sissom msissom at dnaent.com
Thu Mar 5 11:37:36 EST 1998

David McNett wrote:
> On 05-Mar-1998, Ben R. Adams wrote:
> > I was one of the lucky ones that got the DES-II final stats listed by email
> > (it was on the server only for a few hours).
> >
> > I built a few charts (using excell) that are listed by rank (no email address
> > listed).
> >
> > The page is http://www2.vivid.net/~bra/des2stats.html
> For the record, I had nothing to do with this.
> To the tens of people who emailed me with such bile and fervour over having
> their email addresses listed on the stats site and as a result were the direct
> cause of my having removed the information entirely, please do not email me
> again complaining about this site.

Here I've been wondering about our team's/my final stats and I
never even knew that the data had been available! That's what
I get for not checking the stats regularly.

Are we going to get any more final DES2 stats?

As far as bile goes, the concealment of email addresses
was taken to be expected given that passwords were required
to access them. Decide to be consistent with your own stated
goals and/or principles and you'll get less bile.

Either discard the 'feature' of address concealment or
maintain it.

Lastly, don't whine to us about our complaints when you
don't do what you said you'd do. Just be glad that 'only
tens' out of 20K complained. That's a rather small set of
dissatisfied folks. How many more are dissatisfied now that
they know that the supposedly confidential(at least hard to
reach) data was exposed?

It's your own fault.

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