[RC5] DES-II Stats Page

David McNett nugget at slacker.com
Thu Mar 5 14:28:57 EST 1998

On 05-Mar-1998, Marc Sissom wrote:
> Here I've been wondering about our team's/my final stats and I
> never even knew that the data had been available! That's what
> I get for not checking the stats regularly.
> Are we going to get any more final DES2 stats?

Yes -- the removal of the final team rankings was an oversight.
Expect that list to reappear very shortly.  For the time being,
http://desstats.distributed.net/desfinal_team.html will get you
there even without the convienent link.

> As far as bile goes, the concealment of email addresses
> was taken to be expected given that passwords were required
> to access them. Decide to be consistent with your own stated
> goals and/or principles and you'll get less bile.

Passwords have never been required to access email addresses.
The top 100 email address have been posted as a pre-calculated
html file daily.  To see non-top100 emails, all one had to do
was search for any substring to see all matching addresses.
Passwords  have only been employed (optionally) to prevent the
disclosure of *team membership* which has nothing to do with
the final emails ranking I provided.  Which emails have
submitted blocks is and has always been publically available.

> Either discard the 'feature' of address concealment or
> maintain it.

There is no such feature, nor has there ever been such a

> Lastly, don't whine to us about our complaints when you
> don't do what you said you'd do. Just be glad that 'only
> tens' out of 20K complained. That's a rather small set of
> dissatisfied folks. How many more are dissatisfied now that
> they know that the supposedly confidential(at least hard to
> reach) data was exposed?

As I said, there is nothing confidential about who was
participating (email addresses).  In fact, participants knew
that if their speed was sufficient, not only would that
information be available but it would also be actively
published on a daily basis.  Those participants who wished to
remain anonymous simply used a fake email address (i.e.
user at hotmail.com) or the team default rc5 at distributed.net.

> It's your own fault.

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