[RC5] Some Mac related stuff

Thierry Coopman calvin at skynet.be
Fri Mar 6 22:07:15 EST 1998

I recently found out that the distributed-mac pages where updated (thanks
I found an updated client from Andrew meggs too, together with a "hidden"

I was wondering, since the keyrate is much bigger on the forground than in
background, does this "hidden" client comes automaticly to the forground
(although it remains invisible) or is it just working at the reduced speed
in the background?

Is the client from Andrew Meggs no longer supported by d.net, is Andrew
Meggs resigned, will there be further devolopment on that client, will
there be a v3 version, can we user bigger blocks....

Maybe it's personal but I like the client of Andrew Meggs more than the
"official" d.net one. In the DESII contest the d.net client crashed my mac
every night, with the other client I never have crash....

Anyway, keep up the good work and keep on cracking 

Thierry aka |Calvin|

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