[RC5] Some Mac related stuff

Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Fri Mar 6 17:12:38 EST 1998

Thierry Coopman (calvin at skynet.be), on 3/6/98 4:07 PM, wrote the 

>I was wondering, since the keyrate is much bigger on the forground than in
>background, does this "hidden" client comes automaticly to the forground
>(although it remains invisible) or is it just working at the reduced speed
>in the background?

it starts grabbing more processor time after 2 seconds of non-activity 
(it's configurable)

>Is the client from Andrew Meggs no longer supported by d.net, 

still supported, or I'd have pulled it down

>is Andrew
>Meggs resigned

Andrew is a Mystery, he is the the wind  ;-)

> will there be further devolopment on that client, 

Good question. Dont' know that one. Will the wind blow?

>there be a v3 version, can we user bigger blocks....

Yes, there will be a v3 client, as long as "v" doesn't stand for what I 
fear it might.

>Maybe it's personal but I like the client of Andrew Meggs more than the
>"official" d.net one. 

It's prettier, it's faster, and it's got some advanced features. Would 
that be what you like about it?

>In the DESII contest the d.net client crashed my mac
>every night, with the other client I never have crash....

Anyway, I'm sort of having some fun with the Mac Dream Team again, and 
that includes Andrew Meggs. There's a new, super-enhanced version of the 
RC5DES client coming from Peter DiCamillo, very soon. This is NOT 
described on distributed-mac, nor will it be until it's closer to 
release. I don't think the frail hearts on this list (or the mac lists) 
could possibly contain themselves...   ;-)

Did you go there today? It's ben updated again.


I just can't seem to stay away, no matter how nasty this list treats me. 
(actually, a big part of my quiet return was the private letters from so 
many people that said they'd miss me... thanks everybody).


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		If anyone would like to send me anything, I'd
		prefer a pizza to a private note.. just fyi...
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