[RC5] Some Mac related stuff

Seth Dillingham seth at snet.net
Fri Mar 6 18:32:31 EST 1998

Seth Dillingham (seth at snet.net), on 3/6/98 5:12 PM, wrote the following:

>>Maybe it's personal but I like the client of Andrew Meggs more than the
>>"official" d.net one. 
>It's prettier, it's faster, and it's got some advanced features. Would 
>that be what you like about it?

I hope everyone makes this connection on their own, but just to make 
sure: the advantages of Andrew Meggs' client, as I've detailed them 
above, are being added to the RC5DES client.

I don't know how much longer Andrew intends to continue updating 'his' 
client, but I'm glad he has done so... Distributed-Mac's got plans for 
him. ;)

As to this:

>	=========================================================
>			   Moderator's Note
>	=========================================================
>		If anyone would like to send me anything, I'd
>		prefer a pizza to a private note.. just fyi...
>        =========================================================

I'm not the moderator/listdad anymore (as if y'all didn't know that 
already), but I'd like a slice of that pizza too! (the wife's travelling 
for a couple days, and I can't remember how to run the refrigerator or 
the oven!  ;-)

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