[RC5] Is RC5-64 taking forever?

Rocky Downs downs at math.washington.edu
Sat Mar 7 16:16:38 EST 1998

My calculations may be incorrect.  I used the number of blocks to search.  I divided buy the number of blocks processed yesterday.  The number I got should have been how many days until the contest will be over at the current pace.  I then divided buy 365.25 which should give the number of years.  To my surprise the answer was 50 years.  I checked it twice.  If this is true I say we have two options.  One, give up on this and start something new.  Two, we could each recruit 50 other people.  I am leaning towards option one.  All of our computers together makes for a very powerful computer.  But it seems that we are being wasted now.  Besides just think what would happen to our stats server with 1.5 million separate individuals.  Responses would be appreciated.

Rocky Downs
downs at math.washington.edu
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