[RC5] Is RC5-64 taking forever?

Jim C. Nasby nasby at enteract.com
Sat Mar 7 21:46:27 EST 1998

I'm not going to re-check your math, but you are very possibly correct about it taking 50 years at our current rate. The key words there are 'at our current rate'.

I've seen a message in the announcement list archive that said RC5-56 was going to take many years to crack when it was started. It fell in 250 days. Not only did D.Net recruite more people; computers also got faster (if I'm not mistaken, the PII was introduced durring RC5-56). So, while it would be absolutly wonderful if we each recruited 50 people, we also have technology on our side. If I remember correctly, Intel should be releasing 2 chips in the next year, one is an upgrade to the PII, one is their first 64 bit CPU. As well, a d.net hardware effort is slowly being organized (take a look at the bottom of http://www.distributed.net/lists/ for more info).

The other piece of the puzzle that's missing is why we started on RC5-64 in the first place. D.Net's victory over RC5-56 came as a bit of a surprise. When it was defeated, we knew we were still months away from v3. We also knew it was very important to find another project immediatly, or else the user base that we'd slowly built up durring RC5-56 would quickly disappear. That's why RC5-64 came about... it took very little to modify the RC5-56 clients for -64.

In the future (especially once v3 is available), it is very possible that RC5-64 won't be our 'primary' project. We are looking at some of the projects that have been mentioned in this list. Of course, there's also the DESII contests.... remember the next one starts July 13th.

Hope this clarifies things... :)

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Rocky Downs wrote:

> My calculations may be incorrect.  I used the number of blocks to search.  I divided buy the number of blocks processed yesterday.  The number I got should have been how many days until the contest will be over at the current pace.  I then divided buy 365.25 which should give the number of years.  To my surprise the answer was 50 years.  I checked it twice.  If this is true I say we have two options.  One, give up on this and start something new.  Two, we could each recruit 50 other people.  I am leaning towards option one.  All of our computers together makes for a very powerful computer.  But it seems that we are being wasted now.  Besides just think what would happen to our stats server with 1.5 million separate individuals.  Responses would be appreciated.
> Rocky Downs
> downs at math.washington.edu
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