[RC5] Is RC5-64 taking forever?

Matt Chatterley matt at mpc.dyn.ml.org
Sun Mar 8 12:33:06 EST 1998

On Sat, 7 Mar 1998, Colin L. Hildinger wrote:

> This has been much debated.  Frankly, if we weren't doing RC5-64 right
> now we would be doing *nothing*.  Creating the RC5-64 clients was
> simple to do from the RC5-56 code and so we did it.  There will be
> other projects in the future, many of them, but instead of let all the
> computing power disappear we choose to use RC5-64 to keep people going.
>  Also note that just a while ago the estimated time to completion was
> 140 years.

Heh. Its far better to be doing this and keep folks interested (it *is*
interesting trying to see how long this will take..).
> Also note that "on average" we will find the key 50% of the way through
> the keyspace, so it's really only about 25 years, not 50.  Also note
> that Moore's Law will double our computing power without further
> recruiting every 18 months or so, so it's really not even 25 years. 
> Also note that we are still recruiting new people and that we will get
> a faster disk subsystem in the stats server.

And given the rate at which we 'accelerated' during DES-II, we are more
than likely to recruit a lot more folks as we gain more publicity. We're
going through RC5-64 a lot faster than before DES-II.. perhaps DES-III
will have a similar beneficial effect. :)

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	-Matt Chatterley
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