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distributed.net Design Contest

All submissions due Sunday, March 29th, 1998.
Please read all rules completely. Incomplete entries or those that
fail to meet the requirements will be discarded.

The contest will consist of the design of four elements, each with its
own requirements, into a _consistent_ design for distributed.net.

The following are the rules and guidelines for preparation and
submission of entries. Rules have purposely been kept minimal to
encourage creative designs.

*** General Requirements

Design teams are allowed, since each entry consists of a significant
commitment of time.

All font names and sizes, and where they are used must be documented
and only public domain fonts can be used. All source files - HTML,
Photoshop, images, etc of the winning entry must be turned over to

Our public name is (to be used everywhere except legal notices)
  = "distributed.net"
Full Legal name of our non-profit organization
  = "Distributed Computing Technologies, Inc." (DCTI)

All artwork/design elements to be rendered in a format suitable for
electronic display (i.e. web page graphics, integration into software
splash screens). However, consideration should also be made for
non-digital implementations and camera-ready artwork or negatives
may be desired. While this will not be a requirement for submission,
entrants should consider their design strategies so as to allow the
most felxible use of their product as possible. (In other words, an
800x800 jpg is useless for us to make a t-shirt.) 

Animated or color-cycling images are not permitted.

*** Logo and Banner

The logo is from a sketch by Leonardo Davinci entitled,
"The Vitruvian Man". A raw scanned image is available at:
http://www.distributed.net/design/davinci.gif ( 757KB )
Anything goes, any creative modification is possible and encouraged.

The "Banner" is the text "distributed.net" along with the slogan,
currently "Fastest computer on earth" - subject to change if
something better is found. An Entry should be a gif or jpg, the
larger of the width/height dimensions should not exceed
800 pixels. (this is just to keep entries of reasonable filesize)

Logo and banner entries should be gif or jpg images, not exceeding
800 pixels height or width.

*** Web Site

The web site redesign is to replace the current web site and allow
for further expansion. Easy site navigation is very important, as
the site is ever growing.  Site structure is as important as the
graphical design.  Site design should be flexible and support any
number of ongoing projects.

600 pixel width, and split design for navigation/body on main pages.
An entry will consist of 2 fully developed pages, one of a master index
page (See: /index.html) and one of a subpage (See: /projects.html).
Each must have a standard header and footer. Headers should
have navigational links, the logo, distributed.net banner, and the text
"distributed.net". Footers must contain text navigational links,
copyright statements, and last date modified. (See: /tail.html)

HTML implementation will be left to the distributed.net webmaster(s) to
comply with distributed.net HTML requirements.

*** Newsletter

Design and layout for a cover page, body page, and back of a print/web
newsletter that may be created in the future. An entry will consist
of 3 JPG images, one cover, and one body, and one back page. Each
image should be 600 pixels wide and 800 high, representing the useable
space on an 8.5"x11" piece of paper or web page. The layout should
include a main header, page footers, copyright information, issue
number, and space on the back page for address and postal indicia.
Address and postal information will take the bottom 1/2 of the back
page ( front when folded and closed ) and must meet US Postal Service
requirements ( http://www.usps.gov/busctr/welcome.htm ).

*** Poster

The poster must contain the text "distributed.net" a slogan, and
copyright information. The rest is anything goes.  Entries must be
jpg or gif format, 800 x 1200 pixel.

*** Submission

All entrants must email the URL of their entry by
Sunday, March 29th, 1998 to decibel at distributed.net
Only web based submissions will be accepted. Each part must be in the
format specified above. An entry should be a URL to an index of the
component parts of the entry:
 Logo (gif or jpg) and banner (gif or jpg)
 Web main page ( html )
 Web subpage ( html )
 Newsletter ( 3 jpgs )
 Poster (1 jpg) 
*** Judging

The contest will end Sunday, March 29th, 1998 when all entries will be
gathered and mirrored. One week thereafter (April 5th) the finalists
chosen by DCTI admin will be posted at http://www.distributed.net/design/
Voting will one vote/user via the stats server, and will be open for one
week (until April 12th, 1998).

*** Prize

The prize is your name(s) on the credits of the distributed.net web site
as well as influence on the implementation of the final design. The
designs may be further modified by distributed.net before implementation.

*** Legal

The winning submission and all source files becomes the property of
Distributed Computing Technologies Inc. The creator will retain the right
to incorporate the design in their personal portfolios. All other entries
remain the property of their creator(s).

  Adam L. Beberg
  beberg at distributed.net
  distributed.net founder

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