[RC5] My impatient cohorts

Martin Stoufer marty at nbn.com
Mon Mar 9 21:31:38 EST 1998

  I think we all need to stand back a bit and try to gain some sense from
all this negativity flying around.
  Wheather we like it or not, everyone who reads this list has, or had, the
spirit to contribute their part for the common good. Just as Neil Armstrong
set foot on the Moon, it was not his doing alone. Lest not one forget all
the countless technicians and scientists who crunched their numbers on
slide rules. Each computation meaningless and trivial, but put together by
the "team"; look where it got us.
  We are again in the same boat. Instead of space and trajectories, d.net
and RC5-64 is our goal. I understand that in this day and age everyone is
looking for instant results and satisfaction. Anyone who takes akin to this
mantra was happy w/our last foray into DES. Heck, with 2,3% ticking off
each day, even I couldn't help but get excited at the prospect that "the
world's fastet machine" was pimp-slapping this challenge down. But do
anyone one of us remember that ol' fairy tale of the Turtle and the Hare?
  For those of us that understand that utilizing free processor time on our
work, home machines is not bad, Huzah! For the rest of us in this list and
in this challenge, I dare you to leave your machines on all night. Start
off with just once a week. After that start making it a habit to leave your
work machine on all night. Get back into it. We are familly by belief and
dedication. I will not stand idly by and watch my bretheren quit because
some of the more vocal participants say we are getting nowhere.
OK, I starting to stop making sense here... Someone else continue.

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