[RC5] My impatient cohorts

Dan Frezza dan at frezza.org
Tue Mar 10 15:38:03 EST 1998

>   For those of us that understand that utilizing free processor time on our
> work, home machines is not bad, Huzah! For the rest of us in this list and
> in this challenge, I dare you to leave your machines on all night. Start off
> with just once a week. After that start making it a habit to leave your work
> machine on all night. Get back into it. We are familly by belief and
> dedication. I will not stand idly by and watch my bretheren quit because
> some of the more vocal participants say we are getting nowhere. OK, I
> starting to stop making sense here... Someone else continue.

Dear Marty,

	Well said.

	First off, I wish to congratulate everyone who had participated in DES II, 
and I for one, found it just wonderful to contribute, in my very small way, 
something to the group.

	I for one, do keep my machine running day/night.  However, it isn't always 
connected into the Internet.  In spite of that, I have found some of the 
comments on the mailing list very interesting and informative.  I wish I had 
the time to go back to programming like I used to do in the 80's, but because 
of many other responsibilities creeping up in life, I've had to forgo this.  
So, when I hear people talk "programming," it brings back for me, the good 

	But the most important aspect of the whole challenge, DES, DESII, and now, 
RC5-64, is to make a "point" about the problems of modern day encryption.  I 
believe this group has made a tremendous contribution in speaking out in one 
loud voice, that DES is practically dead and is weak, when very strong 
encryption is needed.  Not only once, but the second time, aka DES II, by 
cutting the time signifcantly from the first, and by going almost 90% of the 

	Keep up, everyone, the great work!

Dan Frezza


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