[RC5] RC5 Win95 Client

Chris Eaton tridus at inforamp.net
Tue Mar 10 21:35:50 EST 1998

At 05:30 PM 10/03/98 , you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I dunno if this list should be the place for a question about the client,
>but here it goes :)
>My configuration for the Win95 RC5 client isn't saving all the info...
>it stores the email address just fine, and everything else EXCEPT the
>network status.
>Since I'm on a 33.6 modem, i have it set to Lurk and wait for the network
>connection... but whenever I reboot it's reverted to always online, which
>makes my dialer activate immediately. 
>How come it's not saving that one piece of info.

Actually its been doing that ever since the Lurk mode feature was introduced.
In the .ini file, you can add this under [preferences]: lurk=1

That will permanently enable it. Although I wish they would have it save in

>By the way, it's cool to be a part of something like this, if even a tiny,
>itty bitty little part :)

itty bitty describes it perfectly for my 486.. :)
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