[RC5] What If?

Colin L. Hildinger colin at ionet.net
Tue Mar 10 21:26:14 EST 1998

Good point, Jeff.  I don't think going to RC5-72 (estimated time to
completion 5000 years) would be hard to do if we found the RC5-64 key
tomorrow, but I think that they would really need to get after a new
project soon if it happened because some people would have a real
problem with RC5-72 at this point (myself not included, I'd just say we
need to recruit more).  :)

On Tue, 10 Mar 1998 15:00:33 -0600, Jeff Hinrichs wrote:

>Has anyone thought about the scenario where we find the RC5-64 key early?
>Much earlier than anyone expected.
>What / Where would we go then?  If no other v2 type projects are around and
>with v3 still vaporous, the demise envisioned as a justification for rc5-64
>could still happen.  Perhaps a small portion of the brain trust should be
>split off to create another busy work project just to be safe.  I would
>suggest a project type that is less prone to ending at some unknown time
>would be better.  Prime factorization and such.
>Everyone responding to the thread about rc5"-56 is going to take 50 years"
>is talking about a better case scenario than what would happen if we found
>the key tomorrow.
>Please don't take this as me saying that we need v3 now (personally, I like
>the idea of v3 so much that I can be patient for Duncan to do what needs to
>be done.) , we just need another project on deck if the worst case scenario
>You may scoff, but this scenario has as much possibility as any other.
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