[RC5] Possible V3 addition.

Marc Sissom msissom at dnaent.com
Wed Mar 11 13:55:52 EST 1998

Mark Salyer wrote:
> I was wondering what other people thought about a couple of ideas that I had
> concearning the rc5 contests.  Some people have had some concearns lately
> about getting their bosses approval on running the Distributed.net clients.

This is a major point of contention in some places, personally
I think that we should expend more effort getting more individuals
to join the resource pool, and worry about recruiting corporate
cpu farms later.

> One of the ideas that I had, that would really help me and the company I
> work for out tremendously, would be to add some "time correcting" code to
> the current clients.  Allow the proxies to send out a current time when
> blocks are distributed, and then let the clients change the time of the
> computers when they retrieve new blocks.  This would only be done when
> fetching/flushing is going on, so it should not slow down the clients that
> much..  This way, we as sysadmins are getting extra value out of the

"We as sysadmins"??? What kind of systems do you administer that
do not support the network time protocol.? What kind of systems
would let a user level process set the system clock?

w95 and nt already have various third party programs for access
to the the USNO clocks or something equivalent. *nix systems have
a number of network time protocol support methods basically built
in and I for one would not let the rc5 client fiddle with the
system clock on my linux box. It runs as the lowest priority
process and has no write privileges to anything but its own

Having the d.n clients do "something else that might be considered
constructive" might be a decent idea, but not this specific one.
We actually have already made use of the rc5 client-perproxy-proxy
communication chain as a crude network monitor. The perproxy and
its logs can give you a quick and easy snapshot of which boxes
are up. Take a look at some of the pproxy log->stats processing
programs and see what they produce. I think that you'll find most
of these suggestions have actually already been implemented.

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