[RC5] Possible V3 addition.

Matt Steinhoff mls at audiosports.net
Wed Mar 11 12:06:17 EST 1998

> From: "Mark Salyer" <marks at foothills.net>
> One of the ideas that I had, that would really help me and the
> company I work for out tremendously, would be to add some "time
> correcting" code to the current clients.

    I love that idea! Currently I'm running a copy of Tardis
(http://www.kaska.demon.co.uk) on a few of the machines that I'm
also running the Distributed client. (I'd be running it on more,
but I can't justify the expense for additional copies.) If someone
could sneak some SNTP code into the client, I'd be much happy.
    There are several obvious argument against doing such a thing...
It's not in keeping with the distributed mission. The easiest way to
make more bugs is to add more code. It'll be one more feature for
Distributed to support when support staff is already stretched. It
will mean a larger, longer download. It'll open the door to other
features, eventually ending up with an Office97-sized install. It
could give the impression that it's a time client and Distributed
stuck-in the cracking part of the client as a Trojan horse.
    But, in a land where `value-added' is the key to success, I'm
still for the idea.


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