[RC5] What If?

Marc Sissom msissom at dnaent.com
Wed Mar 11 15:04:37 EST 1998

Robert Brooks wrote:
> Perhaps we should consider making up our own challenge?

I think that we should wait for v3.
Afterall, that's what it is all about.

> There wouldn't be a monetary prize in this contest,

Sure there could be. Let all perspective 'players' buy
in. Say, US$1 per CPU, or per MIP or something. It would
not exactly be a lottery, but you could theoretically
exclude anyone that had not made a "donation" or bought
a share in the corp. The prizes, uh, er, call them
"investor performance bonuses", uh "dividends", eh, oh
well, we'll call them prizes could easily grow far
beyond the few K that RSA has provided. Besides, it'd
be more fun than the lottery.

What do we have, 20K emails or individuals? One dollar
per head doubles the current prize money.

200K boxes actually working? Ok, so only half of the
boxes participate, at $1 per box, that's an easy $100K.
Evenn if only one tenth play, that's still $20K.

Unfair to slow boxes? Ok, charge a penny per MHz instead
of $1 per cpu. That would cost those hot P2-333s a whopping
$3.33 to enter the self funded contest and the screaming
500MHz Alpha would have to pay a tremendous, bank breaking,
$5.00 entry fee. While the poor old 386sx20 has to send in
postage stamps totaling $0.20. Sound fair enough?

We could still send half the $ to charity and so on.

Provide incentives for performance improvement. Let any
dedicated, documented hardware play for free. Keep track
of individual performance from game to game and and award
the greatest performance improvement.

Lots of possibilities.

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