[RC5] What If?

Roby Van Hoye roby.vanhoye at ficsgrp.com
Thu Mar 12 11:25:00 EST 1998

Hi there, 

At 15:04 11/03/98 -0600, Marc Sissom wrote:
>Robert Brooks wrote:
>> Perhaps we should consider making up our own challenge?
>I think that we should wait for v3.
>Afterall, that's what it is all about.
>> There wouldn't be a monetary prize in this contest,
>Sure there could be. Let all perspective 'players' buy
>in. Say, US$1 per CPU, or per MIP or something. It would
>not exactly be a lottery, but you could theoretically
>exclude anyone that had not made a "donation" or bought
>a share in the corp. The prizes, uh, er, call them
>"investor performance bonuses", uh "dividends", eh, oh
>well, we'll call them prizes could easily grow far
>beyond the few K that RSA has provided. Besides, it'd
>be more fun than the lottery.

>What do we have, 20K emails or individuals? One dollar
>per head doubles the current prize money.
>200K boxes actually working? Ok, so only half of the
>boxes participate, at $1 per box, that's an easy $100K.
>Even if only one tenth play, that's still $20K.
>Unfair to slow boxes? Ok, charge a penny per MHz instead
>of $1 per cpu. That would cost those hot P2-333s a whopping
>$3.33 to enter the self funded contest and the screaming
>500MHz Alpha would have to pay a tremendous, bank breaking,
>$5.00 entry fee. While the poor old 386sx20 has to send in
>postage stamps totaling $0.20. Sound fair enough?

Quite hard to verify those things, I might say my imaginary PII333
overclocked to 500MHz is only a 386sx16 :-)
Why not sell blocks ?? For instance, I'd buy 5.000 blocks (28 bit) for 1$,
that way there is no argue about MHz, Mips, etc... just blocks. I do not
know how big the keyspace would be, but 1$ for five thousand blocks seems
not that expensive (depends on how long it would take to crunch them, if it
spawns a block every fraction of a second I think 1$ is rather expensive
:-) but would bring in VERY much money... 
OTOH, how will d.net organise this, who will be mad enough to follow up the
accounting, should we send it in cash, gold, diamonds, m$-shares or ... ??
:-) , eg. for people not living in the US it's quite a trouble to send
someone some $'s (Do you guys accept visa ?? :-)

>We could still send half the $ to charity and so on.

True, I would't mind that... 

>Provide incentives for performance improvement. Let any
>dedicated, documented hardware play for free. Keep track
>of individual performance from game to game and and award
>the greatest performance improvement.

Wouldn't be so bad either, just give out some basic clients, with source
code and encryption documentation included and allow people to write/modify
it entirely to their needs. Off course this wouldn't rule out the 'buy
blocks' principle since even when they start generating (free) random
blocks and stumble upon the correct one  they still would have to BUY the
correct block and as d.net is distributing the keyspace in random manner... 

Hmmm, I truly like the idea... 

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