[RC5] Possible V3 addition.

The Man theman at fallout.dyndns.com
Thu Mar 12 09:07:22 EST 1998

Mark Salyer wrote:

> Well, I never thought that most of the replies would be *this* negative, I
> figured we could debate the good and bad instead of just bashing to begin
> with, but I won't take anything personally :).

It's not personal; we just don't like the idea. :)

> I do not think that we should just forget about those corporate cpu farms,
> because that is where the real power is..  Yes there are millions of
> individuals that are out there, but a few larger coporations could easily
> top that..  We want to prove that Rc5 is not good enough, the corporations
> have just as much if not more at stake than the average individual...

Agreed, but until trendy ideas like TCO go out of fashion again, the
corporate environment will be difficult for d.net to crack.

> I administer systems that could use their time correct..  There are not alot
> of *free* utilities out there that do this, and when you are a non-profit
> yourself, you can't afford $10 per machine by 2000 machines to just set the
> time..  You are more concearned about the *individual*, and that is fine,
> they could use an ini setting to turn this off..  Some corporations could
> use this and I am speaking for one..  I would as soon trust DCI as any other
> small programming shop to set the time on my servers..

Of course it's good to have your time set correctly, just as it is good to
have your permissions set properly, your dos filesystems defragmented, and
so forth. So where do you draw the line? Personally, if I want to
participate in a d.net project, I will run the d.net client. If I want my
time set, I will run xntpd, and so forth for other administration needs.
While the Microsoft world moves toward one gargantuan process that does
everything from manage memory to browse the web to play CDs, the Unix world
still prefers the one-process-per-purpose model. Keep the d.net clients for
d.net purposes only.

> Besides, why should I trust the Linux developers more than the DCI
> developers?  And I must say, I have been running Linux since 92...

That's a no-brainer. The Linux developers will give you the source code. If
a Linux NTP daemon contains a bug which will periodically reset your system
clock to midnight, Jan 1, 1970, you can find and fix it. If the d.net code
does so, you a) won't know until after the fact, and b) will have to rely on
someone else to fix it; in the meantime you won't have NTP service.

> I would not think you could find something as quick to do that would be
> somewhat useful.  Remember, though it may be free for Unix, It is not
> necessarily the same for Win/Macs.

You are welcome to take the _free_ source code for those free *nix programs
and port them to your favorite platform.

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