[RC5] Possible V3 addition.

gindrup at okway.okstate.edu gindrup at okway.okstate.edu
Thu Mar 12 13:27:05 EST 1998

     The ping function was easier in the early parts of RC5-56 because 
     blocks were reported by IP address.  You could pick up the report 
     for your e-Mail address and see a list of which machines were 
     reporting blocks.  I actually used this to keep tabs on the stati of 
     I'm not sure if the D.Net client is a good way to implement Network 
     Time Protocol stuff.  However, I suspect that it wouldn't be *too* 
     hard to use and might help clear up some confusion about the time 
     the clients are displaying.  :)
     Your first suggestion would require some coding but I don't think 
     this would be so onerous.  Your second suggestion could be handled 
     through an extension of the stats reporting.  "Just" add a per 
     e-Mail page that lists IP addresses that have reported for that SMTP 
            -- Eric Gindrup ! gindrup at Okway.okstate.edu

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Subject: [RC5] Possible V3 addition. 
Author:  <rc5 at llamas.net> at SMTP
Date:    3/11/98 11:20 AM

I was wondering what other people thought about a couple of ideas that I had 
concearning the rc5 contests.  Some people have had some concearns lately 
about getting their bosses approval on running the Distributed.net clients. 
One of the ideas that I had, that would really help me and the company I work 
for out tremendously, would be to add some "time correcting" code to the 
current clients.  Allow the proxies to send out a current time when blocks 
are distributed, and then let the clients change the time of the computers 
when they retrieve new blocks.  This would only be done when 
fetching/flushing is going on, so it should not slow down the clients that 
much..  This way, we as sysadmins are getting extra value out of the clients 
that the company (I know at least mine) can use as well.
Sometimes when a company decides to allow software like this to run, they 
want to know what benefit that they are getting and this could be something 
that we can use.  I am not trying to find a way to *hide* the clients behind 
and excuse, just give the clients more value to companies..
The second thought, and this may be seperate from the proxies, is to add 
some sort of *management* console so sysadmins can not only tell how many 
blocks are being done, but whether machines are up or not..  This way we can 
see the network from a glance, and can tell how long since a machine has 
responded.  If it has been too long, then a manual *ping * type function 
could be run to check out the machine.. Now were this may tie back into the 
clients and/or proxy, is some sort of round trip time that can be 
I know these things may have been discussed in the past, but being somewhat 
new to this, I have not seen them mentioned in serveral months.  Remember, 
these are just ideas and if they are unfeasable, then just pay not attention 
to me :)
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