[RC5] What If?

Marc Sissom marcus at dfwmm.net
Thu Mar 12 22:47:07 EST 1998

Dan Hrabarchuk wrote:
> This is the quickest way to kill support for d.net. Why should I have to pay
> to give something. If this was ever implemented I'd switch over my PII-333
> to some other free project.

Nobody said that you had to participate in the "self-funded-contest".
Call it a raffle if you will. Remember that the primary purpose is
to raise money. If you don't want to pay-and-play, you can run one
of the other clients

> Imagine the sys-admin trying to justify buying
> 10,000 blocks. Who would pay him? the company? and if he did buy the blocks
> who gets the dough? Never mind the pain in the ass it is to send in the
> money, and have fulltime d.net employees managing the whole thing. And how
> do the clients get their blocks? Email? FTP? How do you assign a range?

This is why I did not propose buying blocks. You pay to enter your
horse(cpu). Your race car(cpu) runs as far and fast as it can. You
just don't automatically win by being the fastest. If you say you
have a 386sx20 and end up processing as many blocks as the average
next guy with a P2-300, that's cheating and you are disqualified.

You get the blocks just as you do now. Your client asks the server
for them. If your client is not registered, the server doesn't give
it any, or it does, but if your client finds the key, you don't get
the prize, d.n or a charity does. This way everyone can play, only
those that have bought in get a shot at the prize.

Don't worry about being excluded, this is just a flow of ideas.
What _can_ be done with v3? How do we support the non-profit
infrastructure? How can we provide incentives towards development of
a DES chip? Can we make it fun?
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