[RC5] What If?

Nick 'SOL' Schmitt schmitt at suba.com
Fri Mar 13 00:14:35 EST 1998

Marc Sissom wrote:

>Nobody said that you had to participate in the "self-funded-contest".
>Call it a raffle if you will. Remember that the primary purpose is
>to raise money. If you don't want to pay-and-play, you can run one
>of the other clients

This idea will sure increase the number of users.  If we use you logic,
given a choice between playing the lotto for free or buying a ticket, more
people are going to pay for a ticket.

>horse(cpu). Your race car(cpu) runs as far and fast as it can. You
>just don't automatically win by being the fastest. If you say you
>have a 386sx20 and end up processing as many blocks as the average
>next guy with a P2-300, that's cheating and you are disqualified.

And here we ask the D.net folks to start acting as refs?  Heck they have
the time to answer all the bitching that this little idea will ignite.
Then they can add a word processor to the next release.

>You get the blocks just as you do now. Your client asks the server
>for them. If your client is not registered, the server doesn't give
>it any, or it does, but if your client finds the key, you don't get
>the prize, d.n or a charity does. This way everyone can play, only
>those that have bought in get a shot at the prize.

See the earlier to jabs.  Just open more people will be better than a
fewer, even if more means that not everyone pays.

>Don't worry about being excluded, this is just a flow of ideas.
>What _can_ be done with v3? How do we support the non-profit
>infrastructure? How can we provide incentives towards development of
>a DES chip? Can we make it fun?

As far as the support of D.net, well, I've offered a video card and a hard
drive for the 'stats server' project a while ago and never heard back.
That is one area that I think D.net could use some work.
(By that I mean they do a great job in all the other areas.  This is
project, not a religious crusade! :))

Can we make it fun?  This isn't about fun, this is about shooting other
peoples ideas down.   :)

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