[RC5] Stats ?

Christian Holmqvist pt95cho at student.hk-r.se
Fri Mar 13 07:49:43 EST 1998


I have a smalla question...
Yesterday my clients reported about 3300 blocks or according to stats
~~21000 kkeys/s

Today my clients reported about 2700 block or according to stats
~~8500kkeys/s. It is quite possible that 

I reported less blocks that is not the problem. My problem i with the
kkeys/s. I lowered the number of blocks reported by 20% and the kkeys/s was
cut with over 50%... is that not a bit strang?

Oki so what do I do then, I try to check the other ppl stats, find a person
that yesterday reported about 3300 block with a keyrate of ~10500kkeys/s!!!

Is this not a bit strange? Can't I read numbers anymore? Is my memory out
of tourch with reality? Or what?

Well if someone can explain this I would apprishiate it.

Cheers Christian
P.s Please forgive my spelling D.s
Christian Holmqvist
Phone 0457-17754

Software engineer student at  University of Karlskrona-Ronneby,
Institution committee of  IDE
Irc-Nick: ACROO typ....

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