[RC5] What If?

Marc Sissom marcus at dfwmm.net
Fri Mar 13 01:02:47 EST 1998

Nick 'SOL' Schmitt wrote:
> Marc Sissom wrote:
> >Nobody said that you had to participate in the "self-funded-contest".
> >Call it a raffle if you will. Remember that the primary purpose is
> >to raise money. If you don't want to pay-and-play, you can run one
> >of the other clients
> This idea will sure increase the number of users.  If we use you logic,
> given a choice between playing the lotto for free or buying a ticket, more
> people are going to pay for a ticket.

Sure, play for free with no chance to win or pay and play for fun
with some very small chance to win. Sounds like the lottery to me.

> >horse(cpu). Your race car(cpu) runs as far and fast as it can. You
> >just don't automatically win by being the fastest. If you say you
> >have a 386sx20 and end up processing as many blocks as the average
> >next guy with a P2-300, that's cheating and you are disqualified.
> And here we ask the D.net folks to start acting as refs?  Heck they have
> the time to answer all the bitching that this little idea will ignite.

No, whoever supervises the project is the ref. This idea doesn't even
have to have any d.n or DCTI contact at all.

> Then they can add a word processor to the next release.

Yah, just what I need is a distributed word processor. Help's me
get my scattered words together right?
> >Don't worry about being excluded, this is just a flow of ideas.
> >What _can_ be done with v3? How do we support the non-profit
> >infrastructure? How can we provide incentives towards development of
> >a DES chip? Can we make it fun?
> As far as the support of D.net, well, I've offered a video card and a hard
> drive for the 'stats server' project a while ago and never heard back.

Typical. I wonder how much response has been received for the
web page design "contest"? I have not seen it mentioned here
since the announcement. One thing that they do seem to have
in common is a bit of a knack for poor wording, or at least a
certain skill at condescending presentations.

Seems it would have been much better to say something like:

	Hey folks, the web page needs work. This is what we'd
	like...This is what we _won't_ tolerate...Put up your
	ideas on a web page somewhere, post the URLs here and
	we'll see what we can make of it together.

> Can we make it fun?  This isn't about fun, this is about shooting other
> peoples ideas down.   :)

All right by me. Just so long as someone keeps coming up with cannon

> Barking Dog Multimedia
>  http://lichtenstein.sba.com/

At least you're not a lap-yapper.
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