[RC5] Possible V3 addition.

gindrup at okway.okstate.edu gindrup at okway.okstate.edu
Fri Mar 13 10:13:29 EST 1998

     Well, actually...  Something like NTP may be necessary for the 
     distributed filesystem in v3.  The age-old problem in this area 
     concerns make-ing projects whose source files were generated on 
     different time bases (and so were old .o files).  Then, the machine 
     with the later time doesn't always rebuild files last modified by 
     the earlier machine.
     Depending on what's in the v3 filesystem, synchronized timestamps 
     may be necessary and thus some sort of NTP.
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Subject: Re: [RC5] Possible V3 addition. 
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Date:    3/11/98 3:30 PM

> I was wondering what other people thought about a couple of ideas that I had 
> concearning the rc5 contests.  Some people have had some concearns lately
> about getting their bosses approval on running the Distributed.net clients. 
> One of the ideas that I had, that would really help me and the company I
> work for out tremendously, would be to add some "time correcting" code to 
> the current clients.
[snip, snip]
Well, if this is implemented, (and that's probably a long shot) it should 
be optional.  I know that there are a number of people out there that 
don't like the changes that the current client makes to their systems 
(i.e. adding registry entries in Win95).  These people and probably others 
would not like the idea of the client monkeying with their system time.
I'd also want to be careful to avoid creeping featurism here.  If the v3 
spec gets too many "additions" grafted onto it, it could rapidly become 
very unwieldy.
(As an aside, if you want your computers' times to be correct, take a look 
at xntpd for UNIX variants, and for Win95/98/NT, there's a section at 
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