[RC5] What If?

Thierry Coopman thierry at skynet.be
Fri Mar 13 19:44:02 EST 1998

At 13:08 +0100 13-03-1998, Ed Wensell III aka THE StormRaiser wrote:

>To start with, I'm new to the project. I've been reading a few of the messages
>coming across and all the info and think this thing is great. So far I have my
>own little wolfpack of machines working (two Intels, an Alpha, and one very
>pokey Mac). Not much, but it's a start (wish a client for Hewlett Packard
>printes with JetDirect cards was possible. How many HP4's or 5's do you have
>sitting idle in your office?)..

Well, If you have a Xerox DCS20 or DCS35 you could run the client on their sparc computers, it uses LynxOS and there is a client available. Xerox has to give you the administer password however and I guess they won't do that.

But, maybe they should because they export engineers to overcome the export restriction. They can safely work on encription outside the US and then Import it again (witch I beleive has no restriction). This gives them the oppertunity to use and sell encription worldwide.

Some vendors, who sell preinstalled machines could give their customers the options to participate (eg Compaq, IBM, Apple). What are the odds that the machine will never connect to the Internet???

Some Softwarevendors could also add this option in their software (Microsoft, go to View/options go to the tab "Bovine" etc...). The best way to do this is to put it in Internet Software (emailclients, browsers, icq) that way you are sure to have it on a machine with a connection to  the Internet.  I would suggest ICQ wich has in most cases always a component up and running on the system.....

I guess d.net needs some official support from companies who have big intrest in encryption to open up the computerpower of everybody...

Asking money to join is a ridiculus idea. The price money is not "THAT" much and I guess we all join to prove a point. Raising the prize money will encourage fraud too, or at least waste resources to administer all that money coming in and so...

Adding functionality to clients is a great idea, but not something that causes drastic change of systems (If I want to sync my clock I use a util to do that). You could add some extra to the system tray. If you click on the d.net client icon you get your mailprog with a new mail message for example. 

Maybe, as I said before, it's better to add d.net functions client functionality to existing apps, like ICQ or a browser....

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