[RC5] A new life for RC5

Alexander Li Cohen cohen at groupz.net
Sun Mar 15 16:51:19 EST 1998

Well, one thing we could do is build "skins" for the GUI client.  If they wanted to see a lot of "cool" graphics and info fine.  The rest of us will just get along with what we've had.  The advantages of having more people far outweighs the degraded output(# of keys checked/hr) of having a fancy GUI.


> As for the GUI, maybe changing it isn't a bad idea.  I think it would be good to have a few different GUIs for different purposes. For some people who don't really care about the whole thing too much (these people we must prey upon), a nice little icon in the corner slowly animating, and wheels and tumblers might look nice and they'd think they were really doing something.  Also if it showed what key it was trying everynow and then it make them feel more involved.  Add a few
> stats and so on, and interest level goes up, IMHO.
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