[RC5] A new life for RC5/A Client Issue

Nathan Klassen NKlassen at agape.twu.ca
Sun Mar 15 12:50:36 EST 1998

>As for the GUI, maybe changing it isn't a bad idea.  I think it would be
good to have a few different GUIs for different purposes. For some people
who don't really care about the whole thing too much (these people we must
prey upon), a nice little icon in the corner slowly animating, and wheels
and tumblers might look nice and they'd think they were really doing
something.  Also if it showed what key it was trying everynow and then it
make them feel more involved.  Add a few
>stats and so on, and interest level goes up, IMHO.

Most people I sign up don't really care that the program is there, but they
would like to see it doing something.  An indication that it was cracking
WOULD make them feel more involved I would think.  And then they might
begin to ask more questions than simply "Why do you want to put this on my
computer?" and "What is it for?"

Another thing.  1 person in-particular that I know, and others, vastly
prefer the 'cow' over the butterfly as the icon on the taskbar.  Is it
possible in the next version of the GUI to change it back.  I got a couple
people just because it looked 'cool' :).

Another suggestion would be somehow figuring out a way for RC5 clients to
work around built in power management for Windows OS's (NT and 95).  I kow
for a fact that in the computer lab we have cracking now (at our
university) we had a problem with power management putting the computer in
sleep mode and slowing down the key rate by a large margin.  There should
be some indicator somewhere that says that Power Management and Sleep mode
are not good for keyrate.  And if it was possible to disable it from within
the software itself (instead of going into the bios' of 40 - 60 machines),
that would be great!

Nathan k.

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