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Joe Zbiciak j-zbiciak1 at ti.com
Sun Mar 15 21:47:38 EST 1998

'Jim C. Nasby' said previously:

| My bet is that the client isn't causing this 'flakeyness', but another
| piece of software or Win95 itself is. While it is possible to have a
| very stable Win95 machine, you have to be very careful about what you
| install on it, otherwise it won't be real stable for too long!

Actually, it isn't all that hard to keep Win95 stable.  On my machine
at home, Win95 hasn't crashed in months.  Of course, I haven't booted
Win95 in months either.  ;-)

All `seriousness' aside, Win95 does have a fair number of memory leaks,
etc.  If you're running any TCP/IP related software (including
Bovine/Monarch), you will want to get all the service patches and so
on.  There are both significant security and stability improvements in
the patched versions.  (There's recently been some scuttlebutt about
Winsock 2.0 and hostnames of certain lengths, but by and large
upgrading is recommended.)

One machine I use here at work used to run eXceed under Win95 so that I
could work on the Suns.  If I didn't reboot the machine every couple of
days, I would be well over 48MB into swap.  I was only running eXceed,
and within eXceed I was only running Netscape and xterms on the Sun.
Granted, Netscape causes X servers to use more RAM, but I've never seen
it cause an X server to require 50+ MB.  As it turned out, closing
eXceed did not release the memory--Win95 was hogging it.  Patching up
the TCP/IP stack did help though.

Does anyone know how to set up a System Agent task which reboots the
computer nightly if it is left on?  I think such a task would really
help make Win95 boxes more stable.  (You'd just have to remember to
save all of your work before you go home, which you should do *anyway*.)



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