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Jim C. Nasby nasby at enteract.com
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You can 're-boot' Win95 via software. Create an MS-DOS shortcut that simply
calls the exit command, and set this shortcut to run in MS-DOS only mode.
When you run this shortcut, the computer will soft-boot to MS-DOS mode, then
go right back into windows. BTW, if you want to automate it, you'll want to
tell the computer not to prompt you before going to MS-DOS mode... I don't
remember where you control that...


Joe Zbiciak wrote:

> 'Jim C. Nasby' said previously:
> | My bet is that the client isn't causing this 'flakeyness', but another
> | piece of software or Win95 itself is. While it is possible to have a
> | very stable Win95 machine, you have to be very careful about what you
> | install on it, otherwise it won't be real stable for too long!
> Actually, it isn't all that hard to keep Win95 stable.  On my machine
> at home, Win95 hasn't crashed in months.  Of course, I haven't booted
> Win95 in months either.  ;-)
> All `seriousness' aside, Win95 does have a fair number of memory leaks,
> etc.  If you're running any TCP/IP related software (including
> Bovine/Monarch), you will want to get all the service patches and so
> on.  There are both significant security and stability improvements in
> the patched versions.  (There's recently been some scuttlebutt about
> Winsock 2.0 and hostnames of certain lengths, but by and large
> upgrading is recommended.)
> One machine I use here at work used to run eXceed under Win95 so that I
> could work on the Suns.  If I didn't reboot the machine every couple of
> days, I would be well over 48MB into swap.  I was only running eXceed,
> and within eXceed I was only running Netscape and xterms on the Sun.
> Granted, Netscape causes X servers to use more RAM, but I've never seen
> it cause an X server to require 50+ MB.  As it turned out, closing
> eXceed did not release the memory--Win95 was hogging it.  Patching up
> the TCP/IP stack did help though.
> Does anyone know how to set up a System Agent task which reboots the
> computer nightly if it is left on?  I think such a task would really
> help make Win95 boxes more stable.  (You'd just have to remember to
> save all of your work before you go home, which you should do *anyway*.)
> Regards,
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