[RC5] question/comment

Linux Fan rhlinux at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 15 21:35:45 EST 1998

Just wanted to comment that something moving to let us know that
it\\'s working would be nice.  I\\'m running the OS/2 GUI version on a
P133 w/32MB.  

The reason I think this feature would be nice is because I let it run
for two hours and the thing never even showed the percentage
indicator.  The system was idle the whole time, and as far as I know
there is no power saving enabled.  Always wondered why they put power
management capability into a desktop anyway...

When I came back and noticed this, I was about to start using the
system.  Even so, I turned the niceness from the \\'recommended\\'
setting to the most aggressive setting and the progress indicator
showed up right away.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that there
was no noticeable degradation in system performance as compared to how
things ran before I even downloaded this program.

Even though this behavior is just probably a glitch in my system, it
would be a convenience to know that it\\'s working by having something
that moves at least once every 30 seconds.  Maybe a character at the
end of the progress meter that changes from being a - to being a |
every few seconds?

Also, what\\'s the difference between the cli and gui versions anyway?
 If that info is on the web site, I missed it.

Last but not least, has anyone ever considered a TSR version for DOS
machines?  I could dedicate a third machine if I could keep a BBS
online.  This silly DOS-based BBS does NOT like Windows 3.x or 95 and
REALLY acts up under OS/2, so I think multitasking is out.   The
system is idle (waiting for a call) about 22 hours a day, and I could
put that P120 to work if there was a TSR or something.  Another idea
would be to have the cracking program  detect a modem ring an call the
batch file that runs the BBS.

Thanks for taking the time to read my message,
rhlinux at yahoo.com

(Yes, that address stands for Red Hat Linux.  I run Red Hat 4.1 when
I\'m not experimenting with OS/2 warp and like Linux MUCH better than

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