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William Scott Lockwood III wsl3 at home.com
Sun Mar 15 22:26:05 EST 1998

Hello Linux Fan.

Linux Fan wrote:

> Last but not least, has anyone ever considered a TSR version for DOS
> machines?  I could dedicate a third machine if I could keep a BBS
> online.  This silly DOS-based BBS does NOT like Windows 3.x or 95 and
> REALLY acts up under OS/2, so I think multitasking is out.   The
> system is idle (waiting for a call) about 22 hours a day, and I could
> put that P120 to work if there was a TSR or something.  Another idea
> would be to have the cracking program  detect a modem ring an call the
> batch file that runs the BBS.

I've run a BBS for years and years.  Perhaps there are other sysops on the
list as well.Maybe if you tell us what you're running, we could be of some
use helping you to get
it to run under the multi-tasking OS of your choice, and thus enable you to
add another
machine to the project...

> (Yes, that address stands for Red Hat Linux.  I run Red Hat 4.1 when
> I\'m not experimenting with OS/2 warp and like Linux MUCH better than
> Win95.)

And who doesn't?  <g>

Scott Lockwood
mailto:wsl3 at home.com ICQ: 9554946

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