[RC5] What If?

Roby Van Hoye roby.vanhoye at ficsgrp.com
Mon Mar 16 15:03:03 EST 1998

At 10:31 12/03/98 -0700, you wrote:
>This is the quickest way to kill support for d.net. Why should I have to pay
>to give something. If this was ever implemented I'd switch over my PII-333
>to some other free project. Imagine the sys-admin trying to justify buying

Great, money for a $$$$$$ PII333 is no issue but 1$ for the lottory is too
much ?? :-)

>10,000 blocks. Who would pay him? the company? and if he did buy the blocks
>who gets the dough? Never mind the pain in the ass it is to send in the
>money, and have fulltime d.net employees managing the whole thing. And how
>do the clients get their blocks? Email? FTP? How do you assign a range? You
>have the problem of one guy asking for 5000 28bit blocks, and the next 100
>31bit blocks. You have holes in the key space that have to be taken into
>account. It would be a nightmare paying for blocks. Never mind, that how
>many would accually pay?

Your latest point is the only one that makes sense to me, but indeed, it is
a hard one. I didn't say D.net has to switch over to this project entirely,
just have a play with it on a side track, it would bring in money for d.net
(if they'd know a way to easily gather some bucks from everyone all over
the world (I don't know how, but maybe there is a way). And as I guess
everyone will try only some $s everyone would spend only some days at it,
after that switching back to the 'free' contests... (which, off course,
never stopped working...)


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>>Hi there,
>>At 15:04 11/03/98 -0600, Marc Sissom wrote:
>>>Robert Brooks wrote:
>>>> Perhaps we should consider making up our own challenge?
>>>I think that we should wait for v3.
>>>Afterall, that's what it is all about.
>>>> There wouldn't be a monetary prize in this contest,
>>>Sure there could be. Let all perspective 'players' buy
>>>in. Say, US$1 per CPU, or per MIP or something. It would
>>>not exactly be a lottery, but you could theoretically
>>>exclude anyone that had not made a "donation" or bought
>>>a share in the corp. The prizes, uh, er, call them
>>>"investor performance bonuses", uh "dividends", eh, oh
>>>well, we'll call them prizes could easily grow far
>>>beyond the few K that RSA has provided. Besides, it'd
>>>be more fun than the lottery.
>>>What do we have, 20K emails or individuals? One dollar
>>>per head doubles the current prize money.
>>>200K boxes actually working? Ok, so only half of the
>>>boxes participate, at $1 per box, that's an easy $100K.
>>>Even if only one tenth play, that's still $20K.
>>>Unfair to slow boxes? Ok, charge a penny per MHz instead
>>>of $1 per cpu. That would cost those hot P2-333s a whopping
>>>$3.33 to enter the self funded contest and the screaming
>>>500MHz Alpha would have to pay a tremendous, bank breaking,
>>>$5.00 entry fee. While the poor old 386sx20 has to send in
>>>postage stamps totaling $0.20. Sound fair enough?
>>Quite hard to verify those things, I might say my imaginary PII333
>>overclocked to 500MHz is only a 386sx16 :-)
>>Why not sell blocks ?? For instance, I'd buy 5.000 blocks (28 bit) for 1$,
>>that way there is no argue about MHz, Mips, etc... just blocks. I do not
>>know how big the keyspace would be, but 1$ for five thousand blocks seems
>>not that expensive (depends on how long it would take to crunch them, if it
>>spawns a block every fraction of a second I think 1$ is rather expensive
>>:-) but would bring in VERY much money...
>>OTOH, how will d.net organise this, who will be mad enough to follow up the
>>accounting, should we send it in cash, gold, diamonds, m$-shares or ... ??
>>:-) , eg. for people not living in the US it's quite a trouble to send
>>someone some $'s (Do you guys accept visa ?? :-)
>>>We could still send half the $ to charity and so on.
>>True, I would't mind that...
>>>Provide incentives for performance improvement. Let any
>>>dedicated, documented hardware play for free. Keep track
>>>of individual performance from game to game and and award
>>>the greatest performance improvement.
>>Wouldn't be so bad either, just give out some basic clients, with source
>>code and encryption documentation included and allow people to write/modify
>>it entirely to their needs. Off course this wouldn't rule out the 'buy
>>blocks' principle since even when they start generating (free) random
>>blocks and stumble upon the correct one  they still would have to BUY the
>>correct block and as d.net is distributing the keyspace in random manner...
>>Hmmm, I truly like the idea...
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